Facts about the Book “What’s Your Story, Stranger?” by Damini Aggarwal


  • The novel “What’s Your Story, Stranger?” is based in three cities.

  • The story is a work of fiction and author’s imagination but 30% of the story is real.

  • It took almost 18 months to pen down the story of the novel “What’s Your Story, Stranger?”

  • The novel is divided in three-year time span and it has been given a specific timeline which was the toughest job to do.

  • The author has experimented to showcase the parallel lives of two different characters at the same time, same day, but in different places.

  • Writing the end of the story was never easy as the story is never ending and Author decided to resume writing it in her next novel.

  • To frame the character sketch of a few characters in the story, Author framed a few questions and had a talk with her friends to see their reaction in a particular situation.

  • Author isolated herself from everything to write the diary entries as well as poems by one of the characters in the novel.

  • While writing the scenes of a single parent, Author had drafted many scenes and spent many nights framing and reframing a few to draw the best scenes.

  • The book is majorly written to bring the attention of readers towards the small yet prominent social issues prevailing around everyone.


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