A Letter to Death

To dear death

I have seen you taking many lives
and I know that’s how you survive.
You even came near me at his demise
But took him while he was lying on my lap quiet
You even hunt for people, creatures all time
For that’s how you sustain the fight
Fight between you and life.
I agree you maintain the balance & rise
So that this earth do not grow unevenly wide.
But don’t you scream behind
while you face the tears in their eyes?
Try to skip your job once and lie
Just see how we all smile.
It’s not always the nature that should prevail
For you need some break.
The lives you took are missed here all the way
How are you going to fill that void?
I know I’m writing this to you in vain
But atleast cease to exist and find another way.
For I don’t wanna see you anymore as you scare.

Never yours


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