Why to limit yourself? – Unlock your potential.

It’s been a long time, I’ve posted any blog recently. And finally, I’m sitting here to share something that’s been in my mind since long. I’ve been experiencing this since the time I’ve gained my consciousness. Every time I hear about it, it leaves me stunned. And it’s not just about me, it’s about every other person out there who dares to dream big or expect a lot from their respected lives. Can you guess what I’m gonna discuss about here today?

Let me take a few seconds of your precious time and tell you out loud about it and I’m sure you won’t regret it. I want you to question yourself something – why do you limit your aspirations from life, when you have limited time?

YES. This is what I’m trying to figure out as well!

When I think about life or its overall gist – how we are given a specified time to live, how we take birth, and how our upbringing are affected by the society we live in, how we care freely spend the initial years of our life, then comes the age when we start building our dreams, our desires and ambitions to be achieved in life once we come across its various facets, the driving force that we need, different wavelength of vibes we get at various stages, and what not. These all form the basis of our lives and define our journey.

It doesn’t require mention here now that we are surrounded with hell lot of people who are really happy in their shells. And that’s completely fine but the major thing that hits me hard is they can’t even see others coming out of their own shells. These people are none other than the ones who live around us. Don’t remain in a glee that they don’t matter to you. They do. Everyone does matter to us because we live in a society where our decisions are greatly affected by the stories around us.

Let me talk about my experience. Being a dreamer, I’m constantly looking out for inspiration around me but I end up listening to such statements – you can’t make it happen, it takes a lot to achieve it, big dreams never come true, stop chasing it and sit easy, blah, blah.

And I’m seriously fed up with such mindsets. After all, we are a social animal too and we can’t keep our spirits up all the time. If we thrive to our best in life, society does matter to the kind of thought cycle we develop. We all need inspiration. If you have negative vibes around you, it will definitely be going to affect your life’s decisions. But if your friend has people who are supportive always, that turn out like a ladder for their success.

For the past few days, I’ve been into great stress and many factors have resulted to throw me into this. To rejuvenate myself, I generally resort to reading books because there’s nothing in the world that can replace the power of good books.

At the same time, I had the opportunity to meet a person who has achieved great success in his 30 years of age. He is one of my family members and has been a part of many big companies. He has traveled throughout the world and has a lot of stories to share. I found myself fortunate enough that I could hear his thoughts and know his experiences. He is always jam-packed with positive vibes and of course, his open mindset has resulted in him to be like this. He dared to break the shackles of society that brought him many laurels.

The experiences that he shared completely touched my heart. And I very well know no one else can ever teach me things that he did. He chose his life the way he is living today – full of energy and content. The social traumas don’t matter to him a little. And those two hours of talk changed my thought cycle entirely. I was wondering, why we are not so lucky enough of being having such positive minds around us always. Undeniably our minds always find an easy way to live life, rather it should constantly discover new things as the world is too vast and our life is limited.

We are generally asked to think in limits, to dream in limits, to restrict our aspirations from life and I can now imagine how important is for us to be surrounded by ambitious people. If it is possible then no one can stop you to achieve whatever that comes to your mind.

But the hack here is, we must listen to those illogical people too for whom their shell is everything. That tells us and becomes a driving force that we don’t want a life like them at least.

If you are thinking the same way and regretting your society then please stop. You can overcome this situation very easily. It will take a little effort. You need to direct your lives towards your goals and for that; you need to figure out your interests and dreams.

At the same time, make sure that you don’t allow the thoughts of negative people to change your mindset. Your thoughts create your moments and you are always the reason behind the kind of life you live not the society. You make decisions, you choose your path and you create the life. And eventually, you create the society in which you wish to live.

Once you set your goals, the half path is covered there itself. No matter what people say or judge about you, you got your path to travel. Chin up and gather your courage to live the best moments of your lives. It’s your life. You have got your individual mind and heart. You have got your dreams. You are not the one you see daily. Your life rests upon your single decision. Choose your dreams, not their negative thoughts. It’s possible that they were unable to achieve their goals then or they didn’t get the opportunity. But they didn’t know that it’s all there in your mind.


Cheers. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Why to limit yourself? – Unlock your potential.

  1. Absolutely right
    Negative mind set can’t gives us positive life.
    Chase your dreams, no matter how difficult it be to achieve it.
    If we determine and focus positivity our destination become destiny…..

  2. Very Well Said ! The time we see within ourselves we can see the whole universe within it. At that moment of ours the fear of unknown gets over. That’s the golden ratio of happiness ! but to get that -some have it from past life experience, some get all of a sudden, some strive hard to get it, some thinks but never implements, some never bothers, majority don’t .

    Atom of Gold differs from Chlorine both have Neutral Neutron, Positive Proton as well as Negative Electron . But their nature of reactivity makes Gold above. Coz gold is focussed more within. It remains Gold Forever. Nature has very best way to teach we humans. But we don’t really wanted to accept the right change within ourselves.

    Keep posting keep sharing ! Write a book get it published and it will become one of the best sellers ! Best Wishes! God Bless!

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