I Remember!

my first breath
was in your arms
your careful constant look
i remember
how cozy and peaceful
it was.
i never found
the same warmth ever again
into this world.
you taught me to talk
to walk
and to fly measuring
the limits!
and that was the time
your smile was my food
to lead the day,
these are the insomniac nights
i yearn even for your single glimpse.
can you please
come back once
to explain who are they
to restrict my flight?
when you, my creator
always gave me
the desired air?
can you please
bring back that charm
in my life
that was lost amidst
the chaos after your departure?
i know you are happy
there in your unseen world.
but can you please
come back to explain
why again
am stuck in your memories.
as no one in this universe
has the power
to walk in my veins
and let the blood pass by.
only you had
the magic-wand to cheer me up
how you used to
hold me up
i remember!
can you please
come back once, papa?
and be my dictionary again?
– Damini Aggarwal


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