I haven’t changed, but I have grown.

They say, ‘You have changed a lot. You were never socially active before as you are today. You were shy. You always used to avoid attending social gatherings and now you have shown a gradual change.’

I say, ‘I haven’t changed. Neither I have started getting socially active, it’s just I have started to voice up for things that I think must be raised and social media is the best channel to do that. I have started using it for social well being instead of wasting my time on it. Yes, I was shy and even today I am. But I know where to speak and where not to and if that is what you call me being a shy then yes, I was and I am. The difference is I have started taking a stand for few things more than before. Yes, I used to avoid getting social before as that has always hit me up on the other side of the world. People meet and then after few years, they forget. It doesn’t matter if you had a good bond with them or not, with new places people wear another mask of to show -off and that fact was always known to me. So, it’s always useless to interact with temporary people and do justice to yourself by employing that very time to some productive things and that’s what I always do.

I haven’t changed, but I have grown up. I have started realizing the importance of time more than before. To me adding value to myself is a priority than adding people to my friends’ list. Bigger lists always result in creating havoc in life and I have developed the opinion to keep trimming the list of people in our life. Keep the ones who actually show up when needed. Keep the ones who really care and always ping you instead of adding a tag of ‘busy’ which is never true. But after all, I am the same little girl, I used to before. I trip over rooftops, I dance in the rain, I stand there on the terrace in the evening to see the sunset, I too have silly fights with my bestie, I argue like a child, I often cry over little things and gets elated over other like any other kid. Like every other girl, I too fancy over my future and loves to wear beautiful dresses. And I am glad that I have the child in me alive, it keeps me high in life.

Earlier those who used to make fun of me and my endeavors are the only ones who come and admire it today. And those who used to drag me down, are the ones who come up to seek for solutions.’

At times, I think, if I too had followed the crowd, then I would not have gained my unique identity today (though I have to add more to it). It’s all rested upon how you invest your lifetime (either in useless things or the things that not only add value to your but others life as well).

Every one of us has a few dreams or I would say we all have a wish list, in front of which we want to put a tick mark once it’s done. I too have a few. Not a few, but so many and I keep chasing them because life is too small and dreams are too many. And achieving them or walking towards it leaves me happy not people.

Also, there are numerous notions of what is the right time to pursue something and what not which is proving a big failure in today’s fast-forward world. If you have an idea, if you have a composed mind to chase what you want, no age is a limit. You can create it anytime. People will follow you in any way.

If I have changed (your opinion)/ I have grown then that’s because I see the world through other lens of my eyes that have developed after various phases of my life. After accepting my habit of overthinking, I made it my career. One’s opinion over the things can be varied than that of others and that’s what their USP is, the other person can’t force anyone to think like they do.

Time keeps going, the number in our age keeps adding, but the very purpose of our life should not be overlapped with just a few wrong notions. No one changes with time, we just grow up. We understand to comprehend things and situations deeply instead of getting quick in decision making.


– Dedicated to every second person who dares to dream and chase it.


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  1. I felt like I am reading my own story, only thing is I am a boy! I believe the basic nature of any human being is the freedom to dream and fulfilling that. More we try to compromise and move away from that, more difficult life seems. The best person who can make us happy and satisfied forever is we ourselves.
    Well written post.

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