Hold your pen!

They will try to hold your pen,
in the season of need and when,
you were trying to be you.
In the garden of life,
saying you are one of those few,
whom I trust and be true!

But stop for a while,
don’t let that moment hold you wild.
You are the owner of your life,
for You are not that dwarf.
You are the one and only one,
whom this world needs among.
Secret lies in your heart,
don’t let them to apart.

I want…
your eternal smile,
that purifies your soul every while.
Enriched deep dazzling eyes,
wisdom home your heart,
as my sensation never lies.

I want…
your height to elevate,
as if it has no weight.
In your stature lies your gratitude.
innate it deep within the psyche,
as there your greatness survive.

I sing that holy psalm,
adore it, sustain.
Hold yourself tight,
and let that spirit be your guide,
as all this Grants me your smile.
📝 © Damini Aggarwal


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