Battle between Dreams and Destiny

Life is not a bed of roses, that you will be served with the colors, fragrance or what is most comfortable to you. Rather, most of the times, you will be forced to walk upon a lane raised upon thorns. You will be left with no choice and you tend to cross your timid self through that way to reach out to the goals you have set for yourself.

No matter how much tough it may seem, you never look back even for once. And then you learn that those hardships have been never hollow, in fact, the most crucial phase of your life as it taught you to elevate with much grace. As dreams are not achieved in your comfort zone. When you leave that cozy place you fail for sure, you fall, but you stay awake because you can’t give up. You prepare the bashful you to be more vibrant at each storm. You rekindle yourself, you rejuvenate your old self and then you start chasing your dreams again with all your committed heart, with double the vigor and there you go, crossing all the barriers, you rise towards the bounties of the higher sky.

Things around you may pull you back and you are taken by those dark hours, pale memories, but you have the word lying somewhere deep within yourself that, ‘you are born to fly’. Their negativity, rejections, judgements or perceptions fall nowhere in your thoughtful list. What has become more important to you is your life, the gifts you are blessed with, you—the art. Now, you are more aware of the kind of art you are, most delicate yet strong enough to break the absurd walls. So, when you reach at that point in your life surpassing the beautiful phases that build you, you are more into life than your fears. Every pretty new day is another quest and you become a warrior.


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