Listening to rape cases from all around the country, I was disturbed to the extent that it drew no better results, but me throwing back in resentment that if it will keep prevailing why the hell we girls are given birth?

Just to grow them with these words that she is born as a girl, she is nothing, but a burden. When sent to school or college, she brings laurels and so much that everyone starts believing in her. Why is so, that she needs to prove her worth, if she had been believed to be something from the start, she would have been even happier. Isn’t it? You never thought about her smiles, but what they as a society always told you. ‘SHE IS A GIRL, SHE CAN’T DO ANYTHING.’

Then being sent back, she strived to prove herself more standing on her own. She wanted to grow as a human and the zeal was seen in her eyes. She was working day and night. 24/7 and then when she was traveling alone, she became a victim of your ill-eyes. She sufficed your thirst. She was finally something to you. Her birth was merely to satisfy you.

Then came the role of police, who with their bulging stomachs were only found eating, either from above or below their tables. She was never your priority that is why the society gave birth to such crapes wandering around, staring at girls, as if that’s their food and not someone in front of whom, most often they were only found standing joining hands and praying.

To avoid such wild stares, she was told to cover her body and talk less. If the half of such was taught to your boys, you were not required to be much worried at her birth.

Are you now satisfied listening to the news daily from one end or the other? Blame yourself that you didn’t take a step forward when some girl was brutally raped or molested near you, and you were like an ignorant of the facts.

Do not blame the system when everything was in your hands and you barely bothered. Blame yourself, when your daughter or sister will be raped or left to die.

BLAME YOURSELF that your life is of no use, but only to stand, and stare.


She is a ray of light; 

Who herself

remains in the dark, 

And never regret over her plight.

She is a hope,

She is a support,

Her smile is a result of yours

So why don’t you become

her pain’s Antidote? 


3 thoughts on “BLAME YOURSELF

  1. This is one of the best stuff I read out today… I still hope that one day… “Rules and Regulations” of India will change one day… And most important of all… We Indians have to unite our thinking’s when supporting/ dis-supporting someone…

    I have read one news once… Where a sister is supporting his own brother… Who was one of the culprit in Delhi rape case… And asking the HC for some relief / or may be a second chance to him…
    That was the worst thing I read out that day…

  2. no one can fight..till girls also have to think about what they do..and damini your blogs always but..teach girl how to live..and understand mentality of sick people..

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